About us

Jimmy Rider and Jason Tucker have teamed up to open Hooked Fish Shop at the new Bow Market in Somerville’s Union Square.

Hooked sells Red’s Best fresh, local seafood and Boston Smoked Fish Company products as well as creative, street-food inspired ready-to-eats.

Jimmy Rider is the owner-operator of Evergreen Delivery . He has been a vendor at local farmers markets, does bicycle delivery for local restaurants and vendors at Boston Public Market, and delivers Christmas trees every December. The Evergreen delivery web store features Reds Best Fish Share , Christmas Tree Delivery and farmers market products.

Jason Tucker has more than 25 years’ experience in food service ranging from fine hotels to retail and quick service and has a commercial fishing license. Jason is experienced in quality assurance, cost control, and facilities management. His extensive experience in the seafood industry makes him uniquely qualified to lead Hooked to success.

You’ll still find Jimmy and Jason at Boston area farmers markets, Bow Market will be a solid addition to the local food scene.

According to NOAA, more than 80% of the seafood consumed in the US is imported. Hooked is dedicated to highlighting the high-quality seafood available locally in New England and making it available directly to consumers.